Haymarket Ride 2007
11am @ Des Plaines and Randolph

Please join us (with your bicycle) on Sunday April 29th at 11:00AM to commemorate May Day and the Haymarket. Assemble at the site of the Haymarket Monument located at the conjunction of Des Plaines and Randolph in Chicago’s West Loop.
Questions: Please contact us @

NOON to 7pm @ Zhou B Center
1029 W. 35th St. (basement)
$10 Donation

The NFO EXPO (pronounced “info expo”) brings art groups and community orgs together to exchange information and ideas as well as provide a public platform for each group to present themselves. We see it as a trade show for experimental art, emerging spaces, and radical exchange. It’s our version of what an art fair should be.

Through the simple presentation format of a booth or table, based on a science fair model, we will facilitate straight-forward exchanges about what is going on locally in various communities, from disparate neighborhoods in Chicago, to cities all over the world. Media and art collectives, anti-globalization initiatives, community projects, alt spaces, and other art/activist initiatives are highly encouraged to participate. WE will provide booth or table space at a very low fee to help us cover construction costs. The NFO XPO takes Place April 28 and 29, 2007 during Chicago’s city wide annual art fair weekend.

Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Aldir Mendes de Souza,Bird House Museum, Polvo Gallery, Chicago Underground Library, Anni Holm, Monster Box, Archeworks, Archecamp, Anarchitectures, Magnificent Moss, Guillotine, Crowe Brooks’ Disco Mutation, Speaker Boys Epiphany, Intimate Apparel, Janet Groenert, Art Shanties, Country Club, Soule Soule, Sewing Rebellion, The Plaines Project, Dillon- De Give, cBlends, Green Lantern, Secret Order of the Lamprey, Terry Plumming, JB Daniel, Will Work for Food, Three-walls, You Know A Secret, Pray for Oil, Alee Peoples, Street Art Workers Collective, Reversible Eye, Elise Blue, Sean Smuda- Dream Research, Noisvelvet, Campo, Disposable Society, Andrew Kim, I-go, Moveable Labyrinth, 3066 Labs InCUBATE, and many many others.

Performances, discussions and other autonomous programming accompanies the NFO EXPO. Dinner will be provided at 5pm each nite of the NFO XPO. You can gain free admission to the Unofficial Art Fair Happening at Co-Prosperity Sphere with a paid admission to the NFO EXPO.


3pm @ Zhou B Center • 1029 W. 35th St. (basement)

2pm Waste Vegetable Oil / Straight Vegetable Oil (WSO/SVO)
Eleanor Balson will give a multi-media presentation about the WVO/SVO movement. She hopes to encourage people to initiate their own independence from the most evil, poisonous crutch of American society - Gasoline. In her presentation she’ll demonstrate how we’ve finally arrived at an era where we can easily take autonomous charge of our transportation, if not our whole lives. Video and photo slideshow as well as a tour of the vehicle and art made on the conversion of her vehicle will be part of the discussion/presentation.

4pm Secret Order of the Lamprey meeting:

Observe the proceedings behind plexi-glass of one of Chicago’s most prolific and secretive art freak collectives.

dead-in-iraq 2006
6pm @ Co-Prosperity Sphere • 32nd Place and Morgan
Dead-in-iraq is an online gaming intervention/memorial/protest created by Joseph DeLappe
The project dead-in-iraq commenced in March of 2006, to roughly coincide with the 3rd anniversary of the start of the Iraq conflict. I enter the online US Army recruiting game, “America’s Army”, in order to manually type the name, rank and date of death of each service person who has died to date in Iraq. The work is a fleeting, online memorial to those military personnel who have been killed in this ongoing conflict.

DeLappe enters the game using the login name, “dead-in-iraq” and types the names using the game’s text messaging system. As is his usual practice when creating such an intervention, he becomes a neutral visitor as and does not participate in the proscribed mayhem. Rather, he stands in position and types until killed. Upon being re-incarnated he continues to type.
DeLappe will input 100 names as a live act of performance/

7pm A repeat screening of the film DARKON (See April 22 for description)

Magic Users vs Barbarians

8pm @ Co-Prosperity Sphere • 32nd Place & Morgan
$7 donation

Extended gallery hours during the We’re Rollin’ They’re Hatin’ exhibition featuring performances by:

Magic is Kuntmaster
Camilla Ha’s solo project is simultaneously aggressive and soul searching, violent and mysterious, noisy yet luscious.

Chewey Kablooey
Former Mahjonng member Caryl comes to visit from San Francisco, and she brings this musical project with her.

Audio weirdness by Rose from San Francisco, 1/3 of Zeroth, formerly known as Zeek Sheck.

Jumbly, twingy saxophone noiserock. They are the feel of the word that they are.

Fuck 911
Rotten Milk (America’s Meth Problem, Permanent Midnight) and Rand Sevilla (America’s Meth Problem, Caret of Sexy) are Chicago’s only noise band that plays (sorta) quietly in your kitchen.

Gynoslayer is a multi-genre approach to trying to understand the plight of women in modern culture, we’re still scratching our heads.

Cave Bitch
Cave Bitch is Amanda from Zeroth.
DJ Sur