NOON to 7pm @ Zhou B Center
1029 W. 35th St. (basement)
$10 Donation

The NFO EXPO (pronounced “info expo”) brings art groups and community orgs together to exchange information and ideas as well as provide a public platform for each group to present themselves. We see it as a trade show for experimental art, emerging spaces, and radical exchange. It’s our version of what an art fair should be.

Through the simple presentation format of a booth or table, based on a science fair model, we will facilitate straight-forward exchanges about what is going on locally in various communities, from disparate neighborhoods in Chicago, to cities all over the world. Media and art collectives, anti-globalization initiatives, community projects, alt spaces, and other art/activist initiatives are highly encouraged to participate. WE will provide booth or table space at a very low fee to help us cover construction costs. The NFO XPO takes Place April 28 and 29, 2007 during Chicago’s city wide annual art fair weekend.

Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Aldir Mendes de Souza,Bird House Museum, Polvo Gallery, Chicago Underground Library, Anni Holm, Monster Box, Archeworks, Archecamp, Anarchitectures, Magnificent Moss, Guillotine, Crowe Brooks’ Disco Mutation, Speaker Boys Epiphany, Intimate Apparel, Janet Groenert, Art Shanties, Country Club, Soule Soule, Sewing Rebellion, The Plaines Project, Dillon- De Give, cBlends, Green Lantern, Secret Order of the Lamprey, Terry Plumming, JB Daniel, Will Work for Food, Three-walls, You Know A Secret, Pray for Oil, Alee Peoples, Street Art Workers Collective, Reversible Eye, Elise Blue, Sean Smuda- Dream Research, Noisvelvet, Campo, Disposable Society, Andrew Kim, I-go, Moveable Labyrinth, 3066 Labs InCUBATE, and many many others.

Performances, discussions and other autonomous programming accompanies the NFO EXPO. Dinner will be provided at 5pm each nite of the NFO XPO. You can gain free admission to the Unofficial Art Fair Happening at Co-Prosperity Sphere with a paid admission to the NFO EXPO.

43rd Annual Versionfest Photographic Invitational ARTIST RECEPTION
7pm @ Zhou B Center 2nd Floor • 1029 W. 35th St.

Featuring: Amy Stein (New York, NY); Bill Sullivan (New York, NY); Jason Lazarus (Chicago, IL); Zoe Strauss (Philadelphia, PA); Shawnee Barton (Chicago, IL); Todd Deutsch (Minneapolis, MN); Michael Northrup (Baltimore, MD); Julian Montague (Buffalo, NY); Mary Farmilant (Chicago, IL) and Jack Edinger (Chicago, IL)
Curated by Jonathan Gitelson and Brian Ulrich

Gallery hours Thursday and Friday 1-5pm Saturday and Sunday noon to 6pm. Visits upon request.


7pm @ Zhou B Center 2nd Floor • 1029 W. 35th St.

A presentation of nine positions of German contemporary art embedded in the contradictory context of reality, image and abstractor.

The show contains a selection out of current works by Sonia Jimenez Alvarez, Sabrina Jung, Anne Lass, Sven Lison, Patricia Neligan, Almut von Pusch, Theresa Rauter, Heiko Rintelen and Nicolas Wollnik. The exhibiting artists have studied in Essen, Germany, deriving from the field of documentary photography.

In the works shown, the picturing moment of photography is secondary, the collective originator for the artists and their focus of interest is the autonomous image. In this process they clearly distinguish themselves from the field of narrative photography but still their images resemble documents of the visual particularities of our time and culture.

Unofficial Art Fair Weekend Happening

10 PM @ Co-Prosperity Sphere
32nd Place and Morgan St.
$10 donation

Extended gallery hours during the We’re Rollin’ They’re Hatin’ exhibition makes this a perfect place to stop by after the NFO EXPO, Art fairs, photo shows and whatnot to enjoy some advanced performances by today’s now people.

Performance Program:

Aleks and the Drummer
Farfisa, drums and love. Miles Raymer of the Chicago Reader says, “(Deric) Criss favors Krautrock rhythms cranked up to punk-rock speeds, and (Aleks) Tomaszewska likes elaborate minor-key melodies and ethereal, abstract vocals.”

Beau Wanzer
Immensely danceable beats, minimal synth sounds and
playful analog wankery.

Mbulu (waterbabies)
The Baron of St. Louis collaborates with members of Chicago’s avant-jam band Waterbabies. Electrosynth sounds, abstract noodling, spacy reverb and African rhythms all get in a big drunken agrument and get loopy.

Triangle began in Minnesota, with Amanda W, a Fargoan on upright bass, garage-sale keyboards and a yellow jumpsuit; Brian T on synthesizers and unloved electronics and various questionable ideas about how to make it all talk and Susan L, another Fargoan with a taste for nice BMX bikes and a happening record collection. Since, they’ve reloacated to Oakland CA, where they’ve added additional members. The Triangle ship, rolling through seas of gnarled electronics, forgotten waves off the AM dial, shanties of 70s freak Germany, and scratchy transmissions from 80s Detroit, took on a few old salts, namely Jon Otto Schroeder on music box and Mark Treise on tenor bass and Elias Reitz on percussions. They all help to bail.

the Dolphin
The Dolphin creates dynamic music based on minimal improvised structures and a growing library of sounds and loops. Recorded tracks are usually performed differently live; songs transform in color, direction, and tone. Due to the large amount of live processing that occurs, the tracks are never quite the same. The Dolphin is subject to the will of the three individual band members that are aggressively attacking each other’s sound. Tense. Upon hearing their performance at Version>06, Peregrine Kodiak commented that they sound like Konono, but it was probably just the drugs talking.

DJ Clent, DJ Spinn & DJ Scrabblor
This is the real deal. Get droked out with a crazy juke dance party with these three South Side DJs. Watch my feet!