Urban Gardening and Exterior Decorating
5pm @ Canal And Kinzie St.

Our annual interventionist street art show hits the streets as a mobile system of moving trucks. 4 trucks designed by 4 teams will be launched from the streets of Chicago to visit art fairs, festivals and neighborhoods throughout the weekend.

Mobile Projects will be presented by: Sonny and Sighn; The Viking, Stomach, Goons and Rio; Michael Genovese; and Mobile Exhibition’s Jon Song. Meet us in teh viaduct just east of the parking lot south of Kinzie and West of Canal.

6pm @ Merchandise Mart

Join hundreds of artists, performers and cultural workers of all stripes in the First Annual Carnival of Art on the River. This one day public art action takes place during the Artropolis weekend. Assemble and display/perform your art at points around the Merchandise Mart at 6pm. Bring your agit-prop, art and energy to help celebrate the diversity of the art worlds that lay beyond the confines of the Merchandise mArt Mausoleum. Wait for the signal! and let the Art War begin.

9pm @ Sonotheque • 1444 W Chicago Ave

Join us after the battle and celebrate our first victory of the Art War.
Complementary vodka drinks til 10PM. Co-Sponsor Bad At Sports will be on site with an intimate Gripe Session recording booth in the bathroom. Come prepared.

With Performances by:
Skarekrau Radio (release show)
Skarekrau Radio is the Tempora IL Kuu Sect. This ever-expanding Sect use “irratainment” to teach the warnings and revelations of the almighty God Kuu. Those not briefed on the vast Kuu religion may never understand Skare Krau Radio during their “mass warning sessions” or “Warning Orbs” at local art spaces and bars. Kuu basicly warns the human race from the mass “funneling” of the populace minds into a state of insectoidness. This is a Terry Plumming/Apop Records CD release show. Remember Kuu also states, “one who leaves a bad impression is better than leaving none at all”

Lemon Pretend
West Oakland psychedelicnoisefreetechno ensemble will melt your brain till it drains.

Zeroth is an all female weirdo sound trio from San Francisco featuring former members of Mahjonng and Zeek Sheck.

DJ Liz Armstrong

DJ Rand Sevilla