Publication Release Party: Trashing The Neoliberal City:
Autonomous Cultural Projects in Chicago From 2000-2005

7pm @ Mess Hall • 6932 North Glenwood Avenue (‘Morse’ stop on the Redline)

Ever heard of Pioneer Renewal Trust, Daley Village, Principality of Podmajersky, Artists Against Artist Housing, Real World Protests, CHAos, Haymarket 8-Hour Action Series, God Bless Graffiti Coalition, Pink Bloque, Department of Space and Land Reclamation, Feel Tank Chicago, Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue, Pilot TV, Autonomous Territories of Chicago, ASK ME!, or iNfo-eXpo?

Come out and pick up a copy of a new publication, “Trashing The Neoliberal City: Autonomous Cultural Projects in Chicago From 2000-2005”, that documents these critical projects from our local past. Some formal and informal discussion of the content will ensue, snacks eaten and plans will be made for the future!

With contributions by Ava Bromberg, Rachel Caidor, Emily Forman, Dara Greenwald, Nicolas Lampert, Pauline Lipman, Josh MacPhee, Micah Maidenberg, Laurie Palmer, the Pink Bloque, Laurie Jo Reynolds, and Daniel Tucker.

The catalogue of projects which involved hundreds of different people, was edited by Emily Forman and Daniel Tucker and designed by Dakota Brown. It was published by Learning Site, Copenhagen ( and is distributed locally by AREA Chicago ( and Quimby’s Books and nationally by

9pm@ Nihilist • 2255 S. Michigan 4E
$7 donation

Performance art meets experimental sound concepts.
With Performances by:

A noisy electronic twopeice from Baltimore. Beats, synths, screaming and jumping around factor in prominently.

Mose Giganticus
Mose Giganticus is the DIY, robotic synth-rock solo project of Matt Garfield of Philadelhia. Synthesizers, vocoders, and electronics collide with manic vocals and powerful drums at a driving tempo.

Sonmi is the music efforts of Madison’s Julia Sonmi Heglund, with the occasional aid and musical consultation from partner-in-crime, Alex Martin Degroot. They make dreamy minimal psychedelic music

EaViL is a duo consisting of McKinley Park’s n.VI and E.IV that makes dark avant synth music. E creates vocals, lyrics and abstract noises. n creates projections and visuals as well as composing the music.

Spazzy noisy grind-style supergroup featuring members of It’s a Trap, Brotman & Short, America’s Meth Problem and Dramatic Paws.

Avant garde death metal and electro headbanging by the drummer of Lovely Little Girls.