Stepmania School Part 2
2pm @ the Flower Shop • 2159 W. 21st Pl.

Choreograph your own DDR-style dance patterns with the Stepmania open source rhythm game. for more info check out

This is Drawing Night
5pm @ The Plaines Project • 1822 S. Des Plaines

In Oakland, This is Drawing Night meets each Tuesday night to be and create together, share ideas, plan and discuss. At Version>07, they will inhabit the Plaines Project. This is Drawing Night exists because of an unconscious interest in participation, expression, and communication. Though once innate and simply executed, these acts have rapidly become radical actions, marginalized nearly to the point of extinction. Do come. Drink tea, talk and do draw. Participation is the only requirement.


8 PM @ Co-Prosperity Sphere • 32nd Place & Morgan

DARKON is a feature documentary that follows the real-life adventures of an unusual group of weekend “warrior knights,” fantasy role-playing gamers whose live action “battleground” is modern-day Baltimore, Maryland, re-imagined as a make-believe medieval world named Darkon. These live action gamers combine the physical drama of historical re-enactments with character-driven storylines inspired in part by such perennial favorite fantasy epics like the legends of King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, and the saga of Conan the Barbarian. As role players, they create alter-egos with rich emotional, psychological, and social lives. They costume themselves and physically act out their characters exploits both in intimate court intrigue and campouts and in panoramic battle scenarios involving competitive strategies, convincingly real props, and full contact “combat.” Because real life so often gets in the way, its easy to understand these players motivations. Everybody wants to be a hero. Visit the site for darkon.