8pm @ the Compound • Walnut & Wolcott
$7 donation

The official opening of the Version>07 Insurrection Internationale starts with a video program and performance program by our favorite opera singer Mr. Gumba.

Gumba in Concert Program
Pt 1 Caro Mio Ben - Simple gifts - Sebben Crudele
Pt 2 Comedy-Comedy
Pt 3 Dalla Sua Pace Don Giovanni Mozart w/
D Die Biltness-Zauberflote Mozart
Pt La Donna Mobile - Verde Rigolleto
Pt 4 Comedy

9 pm Short Video Program

Krunk Shuttle
Shitty old videotapes featuring Mr. T, Gary Coleman, and Corey Haim are fed Weird Science-style into a computer and come out the other side of a black hole covered in awesome. An American space shuttle figures prominently. (10 min./VAMOS/2006)

The Garden of Paradise
A short film by Richard Syska about finding drugs for mom and a journey in the magic cab.

Birdcatcher by Chris Hefner, For Official Use only by T. W. Li, Magical Science by Eric Manche, In the Way by Gus Galvino, and others.

With Performances by:

Super freak musical genius from Portland

Black Bear Combo
Fully mobile horns & drums ensemble featuring Doug Abrams of Lovely Little Girls.

OBELISK & MC Cat Genius
A giant anthropomorphic cat-man & his friend rap about zubaz and pancakes and stuff over playful beats. Liz Armstrong of the Chicago Reader calls it “armpit-fart humor at its finest”.

Golden Birthday
Pink new wave jittery shoegaze-style sounds
with drums and machines.

I Am the Liquor
Short loud drunken punk songs. Featuring former members of It’s A
Trap & the Muggs. They’ll probably play that one Black Flag song twice.

Luka’s Konflikt
Improvised garage/noise rock featuring Luka, Macleod, Guns & David Diarreah. They don’t really know how to play their instruments. You don’t really care.

DJ Mikhale Unicorn

11pm Version on TV :: Channel 19 Cable Access Chicago TLVSN, a cable access tv show created by the folks at Lumpen, air every nite of the festival for 18 days straight on cable access channel 19 nite at 11pm. Featuring video programming and nonsense from this year and past year’s festival. Check and for program notes.