Reuben Kincaid has been informally advising and managing emerging artists, musicians and writers for the past decade. In attempt to gain them mindspace in today's pernicious and competitive cultural climate Reuben has been committed to exposing our clients to the world in innovative ways. One of them has been to open up a space in the Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Ruebn Kincaid Artisit Management provides a gallery showroom for its clients by opening a 200 square foot project space in Bridgeport, the community of the future. The project space gives our clients exposure to various audiences that visit the experimental cultural center, the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Reuben Kincaid has also procured a window display case that is viewable from the street. Both the project space and the window display give our clients a flexible space to work on their installations, ideas and other presentations of their work. The showroom also allows us to provide interested parties a concise look at our clients work.

RKAM organizes shows, projects and appearances for its clients. We provide exposure for our clients through our various media partners. We also aid our clients by fostering their participation in festivals, projects, and shows worldwide.

In the past RKAM has helped our clients participate at various festivals and galleries including, Impact Festival (NL), Art Basel Miami, Version Festival (Chicago), Select Media Festival (Chicago), Art Chicago, De Player (NL), Bitterzout (NL), and many others.

RKAM distributes the work of its clients via its showroom, partner publications, local and international events, public television, and the internet. Stay tuned to become more acquainted with our roster of clients. And let us know if you are interested in working with any of them. Please visit the site for more information.

Ed Marszewski, Manager of RKAM

Aron Gent, RKAM Project Space Director