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June 1, 2009 : TrutheaterTheate

The Unbroken Circle Of Broken Things

TrutheaterTheater presents a tale about the unbreakable spirit energy of
love. The company of four intermixes costumes, puppets, shadows, jokes, song and dance with live and prerecorded sound to create a captivating 40 minute psychedelic
narrative. . .

In the words of Morgan Fitzpatrick of Puppetuprising.org,

"TRUTHEATERTHEATER are an elusive troupe of actors, silkscreeners,
puppeteers, noisemakers, musicians, videographers and illusionists from
Providence, Rhode Island whose performances are akin to mystical rites of
passage that is the digestive process of transforming truth into theater."

TrutheaterTheater Company Members (Spring 2009) :

Peter Glantz is a theater and film maker known for video collaborations with bands Lightning Bolt, Lavender Diamond, and The USA is a Monster as well as his frequent theatricks with trutheatertheater, Killing My Lobster, and Califunya – The Most Beautiful Show That Ever Lived.

Erin Rosenthal is a creator of shadows, costumes, toys, screenprints, and sounds. Her artwork has recently been published in The Ganzfeld and in Flowing Well, a collaborative self-published newsletter with Leif Goldberg.

Roby Newton is a puppeteer, projectionist, musician, and builder, working frequently with light and kinetic objects. She has travelled extensively in the United States, Europe, and Japan with various bands and puppet shows.

Leif Goldberg is a graphic artist and performance collaborator whose work follows a deliberate intuitive improvisational process. His drawings and prints have been published in the recent notable anthologies Hopital Brut and Kramer's Ergot.


Friday April 17, 2009 7pm to midnight
@ Country Club
1100 N. Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

The event is called "The Version Festival User-Directed Super Raffle and V-Bay Buy-it-Now Art Auction!"

We are holding an event this Friday to raise funds to pay for Version festival. http://www.versionfest.org.

The awesome must-have works and services are available due to the generosity of Version festival friends and participants. You can win something pretty amazing for just a few bucks. Or buy the work right off the wall. The raffle begins at 10pm!


Featuring work by:
Cody Hudson
Juan Chavez
Michael T. Rea
Tyson Reeder
Aron Gent
John Duda
Rod Hunting
JJ Stratford
Rand Sevilla
Logan Bay
Adrianne Goodrich
Conrad Freiburg
Mathew Hoffman
Benjamin June
James Jankowiak
Albert Stabler
Emily Clayton
Chris Robertson
Stephanie Burke
Peter Skavara
Chad Kouri
Dave the Lightbulb Man
and many others

The deal: Donate at the door and get raffle tickets ($5 for 2 tickets/ $10 for 5 tickets)
Put tickets in the envelopes underneath the items you want (art - objects.)

At 10:00pm or so, WE WILL START picking winning raffle tickets from each cup.
You must be present when your ticket is drawn, or another winner will be chosen.

Or, if you really must have it, pull the ticket with the "BUY IT NOW" price, bring it to the Reception desk and pay cash (or check) on the spot.


April 18, 2009

performing before it all happens.



April 23- May 2, 2009, Version>09 Immodest Proposals



The Audacity of Art
(Version 09: Immodest Proposals Group Show) / Happening
7pm - 2am • $7 (or $12 and you receive a copy of the new issue of Proximity Magazine)

The Audacity of Art exhibition reveals big plans, dream projects and Immodest Proposals through the creation of interactive installations, project documentation, models, sculpture and conceptual art.

This opening of the exhibition also features a live art performance program, music, our annual Korean Polish Bar B Q and the release of Proximity magazine issue 004. Come early for the Korean polish Bar B Q.

The exhibition runs through May 15, 2009 during Version events and by appointment.

The exhibition features work by : Michael T Rea, H. Mathis, Daan Sampson, Charles Vinz and Ilana Percher, Ken Camden, Thunderhorse, Benjamin Fumke, Chris Smith and Joseph Cornell, Jeremy Tubbs, Amanda Walters, Aron Gent, Beth Wiedner and Jim Duignan (the Stockyard Institute), Marissa Perel, Chelsea Culp, Ed and Rachael Marszewski, Space LIC collective,Sara Weis, Shelter Corps, Cole Robertson, Molly Roth, Natasha Newman-Thomas, JT Rogstad, and others.
Workout Girl
performed by Marissa Perel. ( link )
Be-anybody-freedom-shoes provided by Chelsea Culp ( link )
Episode 2 of the Dave the Lightbulb Man Show
Musical performances by:
GA'AN ( http://www.myspace.com/gaanband )
Kill Memory Crash - http://www.myspace.com/killmemorycrash
Old Fake (http://www.myspace.com/oldfake)
New Canyons (http://www.myspace.com/newcanyons)


May 1-May 4, 2009
Reuben Kincaid at NEXT ART FAIR

NEXT: The Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art

Reuben will be presenting work by Michael T Rea, Michael Genovese, Mathew Hoffman, Aron Gent and others.

The Merchandise Mart
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654

Opening preview Thursday, April 30.

Show Hours:
Friday, May 1, 11am - 7pm
Saturday, May 2, 11am - 7pm
Sunday, May 3, 11am - 6pm
Monday, May 4, 11am - 4pm

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////

May 10 – July 5, 2009
Co-Prosperity Sphere will participate in Artists Run Chicago at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL, May 10 – July 5, 2009. This exhibition documents the history of Artists’ Run spaces in Chicago, featuring 1/Quarterly, 65GRAND, Alogon, Antena, artLedge, Butchershop, Co-Prosperity Sphere, devening projects + editions, Deluxe Projects, Dogmatic, Fraction Workspace, Fucking Good Art (FGA), Green Lantern, He Said-She Said, HungryMan, joymore, Julius Caesar, Law Office, LiveBox, Margin Gallery, Medicine Cabinet/Second Bedroom Project Space, mini dutch, Modest Contemporary Art Projects, NFA Space, Normal Projects, Old Gold, Polvo, Roots & Culture, Scott Projects, Standard, Suitable, Swimming Pool Projects, Teti, The Suburban, and VONZWECK. See here for further information.

C-PS will be bringing the El Artes Media Cart to distribute artist made publications and have invited Michael T Rea to show Stephen Hawking's Space Suit as part of the exhibition.


March 21, 2009, 8pm
$10 Suggested Donation.

Matériel Magazine and Pr Launch Party and fundraiser for Version festival and Public Media Institute.

Please come and help us raise funds to pay for Version>09 Immodest Proposals. We will be giving to evreyone who attends a complementary copy of our new Proximity publishing project, Matériel and the new Pr poster/newsletter.

We will be hosting an evening of performances and displaying pages from Materiél on the gallery walls. Some limited edition prints and other artefacts will be on sale to raise additional funds.

Matériel is an oversized, newsprint publication that’s a collection of the best/brightest designers/illustrators/photographers work we can find – creating a showcase for their submitted work. It’s a sister magazine to Proximity providing a ‘design’ counterpoint to Prox’s ‘art’ focus.

Pr is Proximty's in-between issues newsletter and art poster featuring articles interviews reviews a calendar and art work.

Select Media Festival 7: Infoporn Nov 14-22, 2008


August 23, 2008: Bridgeport All Stars

The Bridgeport All Stars show is a snapshot of work made by artists living and working in the community of the future.

People like: John Salhus, Linda Kim, Steve Badauskas, Steven Stankowicz, Rachael Marszewski, Rachel Welling, Judy Natal, Sarah Kenney, Kelly Schmal, Rhett Johnson, Brad Biancardi, Mr. Thor, Ryan Murray, Peter Skvara, Nick Depeder, Justin Goh, Gabe Lanza, Ian Whitmore, Vicki Fowler, Cournety Oertel, Ben Noetzl, Ray Emerick, Chris Smith, Ed Marszewski, Gina Hutchings, Nicole Lucaroni, Henry Glover, Thorne Brandt, Kimball Paul, Dave the Lightbulb Man, Aron Gent, Jose Mesarina, Nate Lee, Carl Virgo, Zipporah Hodges, Jorge Golgo Quintero, Al Pocious, Mike Pocious, Daniel Mejia, Elizabeth Buchanan, Michelle Faust, Nat Ward, Patrick Willie, Rebecca Meyer & others.

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 23, 2008 7pm
The Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan Street • Chicago IL 60608

Performances: 10pm by Patrick Thunder, Wave and Particle, Bulbs, Church Bus and Waterbabies.

Food design by Tony’s Catering (Puerto Rican action served at 7pm)

($5 donation after 9pm)

Open Saturdays 3-6pm and by appointment 773.837.0145 For additional programs visit lumpen.com

The show was supported in part by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a State Agency. They rock.


Reuben Kincaid Project room opening with graphite ceiling drawings by Lukasz Wyszkowski.


August 24, 2008: Bridgeport All Stars Redux 9pm - midnight
The Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan Street • Chicago IL 60608

With live performances by oblisk, and ultra sonic edukators





August 28, 2008: The Republic-CON
The Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan Street • Chicago IL 60608

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //

September 5, 2008: 10PM ::
Release Party for Proximity magazine number 2
The Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan Street • Chicago IL 60608


Join us for an extra special art party and get a copy of Proximity hot off the presses.

with special guest performances by

Bobby Conn
Bird Names
Magical Beautiful

Receive a copy of the magazine with a $10 donation


Hic et Nunc
(Here and Now) A survey of new guard photography

Featuring the work of:
Nathan Baker
Claudia Burns
Sean Fader
Jon Gitelson
Mandukhai Kaylin
Jason Lazarus
Aron Gent
Tealia Ellis Ritter
Terttu Uibopuu and Sarah Mckemie
Brian Ulrich

July 18, 2008 7pm
Co-Prosperity Sphere
Chicago Il 60608

Ph: 773.837.0145

July 18, through August 8, 2008
Opening reception July 18, 2008 7pm

Gallery hours: Saturday 1-5pm and upon request

The show is supported by Public Media Institute, a non profit arts
organization. publicmediainstitute.org

An exhibition catalog will be available for purchase at the exhibition which includes an essay by Michael Weinstein

<<<< Images from the show >>>


July 11, 2008 We celebrated 17 years of lumpen magazine. with excitement.
lumpentimes.blogspot.com/2008/07/annunce ment-lumpen-is-no...

<<< Check out some photos from the show >>>


June 13 and 14 , 2008
Sociometry Fair 2008

Sociometry Fair 2008, Friday June 13th and Saturday 14th at Co-
Prosperity Sphere in Chicago, Illinois USA!

Sociometry is “the quantitative analysis of individuals and their relationship to groups.” The Institute of Sociometry, or IS, practices “guerrilla sociometry” which does not conform to the rigors of math or science! We are a dispersed guerilla communication collective active since 1995. IS has 305 special agent subscriber/
contributors in 17 countries (54 in Chicago) engaged in DIY, post- genera, activist-art and social research via web, video, ’zines and instillations.

Since 1996 The Sociometry Fair has followed the same quadrennial schedual as the summer Olympics and the (U.S.) Presidential nominating conventions. Sociometry Fair 2008 is fourth in the series. The Sociometry Fair selects a different host city for each fair based partly, in the words of is agent Roman DeSalvo, on the availability of urban decay and vice. IS agents have a chance to get together with
old friends, meet pen-pals face-to-face for the first time, and present their previous four years of research on free standing tri- fold displays and dioramas.





< VERSION>08 DARK MATTER> April 17-27, 2008


Friday April 18, 2008 through May 2, 2008

Friday April 18, 2008:: Opening Dark Matter Group Show

Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St (link to map)
Hours: 7pm -2am $8

An art exhibition and happening for Version>08
What do naive art, protest posters, custom rides, zines, composting poop, LARPing, cosplay, gay dating websites, student mapping projects, art puzzles, shop dropping, unrepresented artists, push carts, roadkill, drawings and culture jamming have to with dark matter? Come and find out. If you are up for it please come dressed as your favorite Cosplay or LARPing character and get your photo taken.

The Dark Matter Group Show is an examination of works that address the festival’s theme inspired by Gregory Sholette:

Featuring the works of:
Michael Genovese, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Michael T Rea, E.C. Brown, Jefferson Mayday Mayday, JC Hammes, Edra Soto, Adam Farcus, Brian Ulrich, Chris Roberts, Ryan Davies, JJ Stratford, Alice Bradshaw, Randall Garrett, Daniel St George II, Sharon Parmet, Ryan Davies, Natalie Steinmetz, Cole Robertson, Lisa Yu, Christopher Ilth, Michael Hsiung, A.S. Lawrence , Nat Ward, Natalie Steinmetz, Dave the Lightbulb man, Marianne Jørgensen, Vicki Fowler, Thunderhorse, E*Rock, Neville, Erika Mikkalo, Jenny Inzerillo, J. Byrnes, Mary Balda, Jon Bollo, R.K. Shuquem, Nicholas Schutzenhofer, Jenny Tsiakals, Rose Candela, and others. To see work by participating artists go to this Flickr page .




Friday, March 7, 2008 through March 22, 2008
Radar Eyes: A survey of hallucinogenic print making
curated by Seripop and Reuben Kincaid

Canadian Print duo Seripop and Reuben Kincaid are hosting a large group show representing the works of experimental printmakers on March 7, 2008. The exhibition contains work sharing a similar aesthetic highlighting the talents of artists and designers making hand drawn, ephemeral work. Many of the prints depict distortions of perception, altered states of awareness and geometric, sometimes hallucinogenic subject matter or compositions.

Featuring work by: Seripop • Leif Goldberg • Xander Marro • Michael DeForge • Rob Doran • Ron Liberti • Daniel St George II • Cody Hudson • Carrie Vinarsky • Sakura Maku • Zeloot • The Little Friends of Printmaking • Justin Gradin • Jesjit Gill • Tom Hohmann • Nolen Strals • Delicious Design • Nina Logan • Mark McGinnis • Raphael Lyons • Lisa Ceccarelli • Dominique Pétrin • Rob Churm • Keith Herzik • Urban Inks • Dan Grzeca • Steak Mtn• J. G. Pizzoli • Luke Frost • Gunsho • Tim Gough • N Freibert • Alphonse Raymond • Other • Dernier Cri • Bongout • Devon Varmega • Matt Hart •DNML• Tetsunori • Push The Button • Dave Bailey • Michael Comeau • Mille Putois • Sonnenzimmer • Mike Krol • Lizz Hickey • E*rock • Brent Wadden • Matthew Lock • Jared Connor • Alvaro Ilizarbe • Luke Ramsey and others!

Images of some of the work can be found here


The CO-PROSPERITY SPHERE is a gallery, performance space, residency, and home to the folks behind Lumpen magazine and Version Festival. REUBEN KINCAID has advised, managed, and exhibited emerging artists, musicians and writers for over a decade. SERIPOP (www.seripop.com) is Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum, two Montreal-based printmakers who just won Best in Show at the 2008 International Design Awards.



Ward 7: America's Abandoned Asylums
Opening :: Saturday, January 19, 2008 7-11pm
through January 27, 2008

Marie Harten :: Ghostfuck ::
December 14, 2007 through January 11, 2008
Reuben Kincaid Project Room
read the interview with marie featured in Lumpen magazine.


Friday January 11, 2008 9pm
A version>08 fundraiser to pay for all the future mayhem.
Live music by:
Pillars and Tongues
i ching quartet
Secret Scepter

A comfort food feast prepared by Daniel Pope
Complementary beer and soft drinks
A new window display of penguins! by Sarah Kenny

A NEW Party Planet Winter fun ride by Thunderhorse
Video promotion here::

An 80s karoake party room. (hopefully)
Co-Prosperity Sphere  3219 S  Morgan St.
$10  at door $7 rsvp (ed(at)lumpen.com)


Select Media Festival 7
November 9 through
17th 2007


Michael T Rea and John Abbot
August 10th through 24th, 2007


Version 07
April 19 through May 7, 2007

We're Rollin' They're Hatin'