The Co-Prosperity Sphere (CPS)) is an Experimental Cultural Center located in Bridgeport

The space is used to showcase artists, musicians, performers and cultural workers from around the world. The CPS hosts exhibitions, screenings, presentations, installations, festivals, and performance programs in its 5,000 square foot gallery. Many of the organizers of the CPS live above it on the second floor and you will find us curating and organizing shows as much as we mop up the floors.

The people behind CPS also started buddY, the infamous precursor to our new home. Thus, by guilt of association, the CPS hosts the Lumpen magazine office and the Public Media Institute; a non profit arts organization that helps produce the annual Version Festival and the Select Media Festival. The sphere also contains the Reuben Kincaid Project Room and an artist residency program.

Moving to the south side allowed us to realize our dreams of having a very flexible and large space to promote a diversity of interests that we hope showcases the best Chicago's creative community can offer. Please join us at our myriad events and programs, stop by, grab a copy of Lumpen. Or walk on by and check out the latest window display by neighborhood artists and internationally reknowned troublemakers.